Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance)


a) To provide adequate basic understanding about Accounting and Finance among the students.
b) To create for the students an additional avenue of self-employment and also to benefit the industry by providing them with suitable trained persons in the field of Accounting & Finance.
c) To prepare students to exploit opportunities, which are being newly created, in the field of Accounting and Finance.


  • A candidate to be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) Degree Course shall have passed XII std. Examination or the Maharashtra Board of Higher Secondary Education or its equivalent at first attempt.
  • Every Candidate admitted to the degree Course in the Constituent/affiliated College recognized institution, conducting the course shall have to register himself/herself with the University


Six semesters spread over 3 years


F.Y.B.A.F Semester - I

SubjectSubject Code
Financial Accounting - IUA&FFSI.1
Cost Accounting - IUA&FFSI.2
Financial Management - IUA&FFSI-5
Business Communication IUA&FFSI.6
Business Economics IUA&FFSI.3
Commerce - IUA&FFSI.4
Foundation Course - IUA&FFSI.7

F.Y.B.A.F Semester - II

SubjectSubject Code
Financial Accounting ( Special Accounting Areas ) - IIUA_FFSII.1
Auditing ( Introduction and Planning) - IUA_FFSII.2
Innovative Financial ServicesUA_FFSII.3
Business Communication - IIUA_FFSII.4
Foundation Course - IIUA_FFSII.5.1
Business Law ( Business Regulatory Framework ) - IUA_FFSII.6
Business MathematicsUA_FFSII.7

S.Y.B.A.F Semester - III

SubjectSubject Code
Foundation CourseContemporary Issues - IIIUA_FFSIII.7.2
Information Technology in Accountancy - IUA_FFSIII.6
Financial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas) - IIIUA_FFSIII.1
Cost Accounting (Methods of Costing) - II UA_FFSIII.2
Taxation - II ( Direct Taxes PaperI)UA_FFSIII.4
Business Law ( Business Regulatory Framework) - IIUA_FFSIII.8
Business Economics - IIUA_FFSIII.9

S.Y.B.A.F Semester - IV

SubjectSubject Code
Financial Accounting (Special Accounting Areas) - IVUA_FFSIV.1
Management Accounting (Introduction to Management Accounting)UA_FFSIV.2
Taxation - III (Direct Taxes II)UA_FFSIV.4
Information Technology in Accountancy - II UA_FFSIV.6
Foundation Course- IVUA_FFSIV.6
Business Law (Company Law) - IIIUA_FFSIV.8
Research Methodology in Accounting and FinanceUA_FFSIV.9

T.Y.B.A.F Semester - V

SubjectSubject Code
Cost Accounting - III
Financial Management - II
Taxation - IV (Indirect Taxes - II)
International Finance
Financial Accounting - V
Financial Accounting - VI

T.Y.B.A.F Semester - VI

SubjectSubject Code
Cost Accounting - IV
Financial Management - III
Taxation - V (Indirect Taxes - III)
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Financial Accounting - VI
Project Work-II


20,700/- 21,200/- 21,700/