The Cultural Committee of Dnyan Ganga Education Trust’s Degree College of Arts, Commerce & Science, has been active since the inception of the college.  It is the most popular committee as students vie to associate with it and showcase their talents. The Cultural Committee runs programs throughout the year to integrate, develop teamwork and exhibit the talent of the students.

The aim is to provide a platform for students to showcase one’s unique talent, to provide a holistic development of the personality of the students and to provide a break from the monotonous routine of evaluation and academics.

It also ensures overall 360 degree growth of the students, including language, culture, grooming, leadership, gender sensitivity, pluralism, etc.


Like the above list, a variety of programs was launched by the cultural Committee this year.

Let us talk about the major event of the cultural committee, ‘URJA’ as usual was the highlight of the college and this year was an intra-collegiate competition entirely offline. The intra collegiate has encouraged the spirit among the students as they participated in various events. It ran for three days; Jan 18th, 19th and 20th. A total of 20 plus events were floated in different concepts; First day events were related to Fine Arts, No fire cooking, Literary events, wherein students performed really well. The 2nd day was related to the Performing arts selection round and the 3rd day finale of URJA 2023.

The highlights are:

  • A fair judgement was done with external judges invited (some were from skill/area specific expert)
  • Every event had been coordinated volunteers designated and also teacher coordinator designated.
  • Attendance, feedback, photographs are logged in social media as well as in our database.