Hindi Sahitya Mandal

Hindi Sahitya Mandal is associated with preserving the Hindi Language and encouraging students towards this language. Hindi Sahitya Mandal conducts various programs for students every academic year to encourage usage of Hindi in day-to-day activities.

Objectives :

Hindi Diwas or National Hindi Day is celebrated every year on September 14 to mark the adaptation of Hindi (written in Devanagari script) as the official language by the Constituent Assembly on September 14, 1949.

Activities Conducted Under

  • Students performed hindi shayari, hindi poem, saint kabir das ke dohe, speech, debate on importance of hindi bhasha over foreign language, some dance performances on new and old hindi songs which showcased the change of hindi language in the field of music.
  • There was also a Hindi GK Quiz wherein pictures were shown and the students had to tell the hindi word of the picture to know how much they are aware about hindi bhasha.
  • It was a very informative yet entertaining program about hindi bhasha importance.