The Nature Club is the perfect platform for you to take meaningful action and promote sustainable living. Our club is committed to organizing initiatives that not only raise awareness about environmental issues but also actively address them.

Save Soil Drive

Soil is the foundation of life on Earth, playing a crucial role in supporting plant growth and providing habitat for countless organisms. Unfortunately, soil erosion and degradation have become pressing concerns. Our Nature Club is taking the lead in combatting this issue through our “Save Soil Drive.” Through awareness campaigns, workshops, and hands-on activities, we aim to educate our college community about the importance of soil conservation and responsible land use practices.

Plantation Drive

Trees are the lungs of our planet, purifying the air we breathe and providing essential habitats for various species. Our Plantation Drive seeks to enhance the green cover of our college campus and contribute to local biodiversity. We organize tree-planting events where students, faculty, and staff can come together to plant saplings. By nurturing these trees, we’re not only beautifying our campus but also taking a tangible step towards a greener future.

Vermicompost Pit in College Campus

Waste management is a significant environmental challenge. Our Nature Club has taken an innovative step by setting up a vermicompost pit right here on our college campus. This pit allows us to recycle organic waste and produce nutrient-rich compost using earthworms. Not only does this reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, but it also provides us with valuable compost to enrich the soil in our gardens.